Aims and Mission

CMC International Association is non-profit, non-denominational and non-political. People of every race (ethnic group), nationality, religion (if any), class, gender, sexual orientation and physical ability are welcome to join membership and/or the activities of the Association.

The CMC mission is to promote, support and inspire in an international context:

• research on consciousness (awareness), mindfulness, empathy, compassion, wisdom, mental states, neuroplasticity, meditation, mind wandering, as also related to other functions, such as attention, emotion, perception, cognitive control, emotion regulation, self and self-referential processing, feeling and pain, motivation, decision making and judgment, in terms of both functional and dysfunctional (clinical) aspects, including psychopathological and neurological conditions, as well as neural correlates or substrates (brain areas and networks, processes at different levels, neurotransmitters and neuromodulators);
• development (cultivation) of awareness, wisdom and ethics (morality), and the practice of mindfulness and compassion in meditation (mental training), life and society; and
• applications of mindfulness, compassion, wisdom, and related concepts for therapeutic and educational needs, as well as for personal and societal wellbeing.

CMC aims to investigate consciousness, mindfulness, empathy, mental states, self-reference and related aspects, with the integration of multiple areas of expertise, approaches, methods and paradigms, such as:

• contemplative wisdom traditions;
• clinical studies;
• experimental studies;
• first-person phenomenology;
• theory and modeling; and
• philosophical and scholarly knowledge and analysis.

CMC emphasizes the convergence and dialogue between science and different time-honored contemplative traditions that highlight the investigation of the mind and consciousness, such as Buddhism, for the development of awareness, wisdom, compassion and ethical responsibility, and ultimately to reduce suffering in the world.

CMC collaborates with other selected institutions and organizations as related to its aims and mission, and may establish frameworks/networks for international collaboration among research, contemplative and clinically oriented institutions and organizations. Priority is given to institutes and organizations linked to Founding, Regular and Honorary Members.

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