Consciousness, Mindfulness, Compassion – CMC – non-profit International Association, aims to promote and support:

  • research on consciousness, mindfulness, empathy, compassion, and related aspects such as attention and emotion;
  • the development of awareness and the practice of mindfulness and compassion in meditation and life;
  • the clinical, well-being and educational applications of mindfulness and compassion.

CMC has as mission to investigate consciousness, mindfulness and empathy with the integration of multiple approaches, such as:

  • contemplative wisdom traditions;
  • experimental studies in neuroscience and psychology;
  • first person phenomenology;
  • theory and modelling;
  • clinical studies;
  • philosophical and scholarly analysis.

It is central to CMC the convergence between science and time-honoured contemplative traditions emphasising the investigation of the mind and consciousness, such as Buddhism, for the development of awareness, wisdom, compassion and ethical responsibility, and to reduce suffering in our world.